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  • NJ Renn Faire Presents A Night of the Macabre at Valenzano Winery
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    Before he became the immortal Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare was merely a talented writer plagued by the swirling voices of stories without endings. The magic of the faerie woods has brought Shakespeare to the village of Crossford on our annual summer festival. What stories will inspire him as he walks our streets? What tales will be told to be etched by his quill on parchment? Maybe you can help inspire him...

    Tell Shakespeare Your Story

    A Faire Full Of Entertainment

    Entertainment abounds at Crossford’s festival! Whether you are a Knight of Noble Cause, a Chaste Treasure, or maybe just Pretty Evil, the village fairgrounds will be packed with music, revelry, dance, archery, juggling, and more!

    Crossford Entertainers

    Gifts For Lords And Ladies Of All Ages

    Perhaps you have a few coins you would like to spend? Crossford is renowned for its fine selection of merchants, artisans and craftsmen from all corners of the realm. We have wonderous gifts for lords and ladies of all ages.

    Merchants, Artisans & Vendors

    Interact With Our Cast Of Characters

    While you walk through our festival, you are bound to come across many of Crossford’s fine citizens as well! Be sure to talk to them to find out all of the amazing things going on around the fairgrounds. You may even be recruited into adventures of your own!

    Crossford Villagers & Nobles

    EDU-Tainment Brings History And Fantasy To Life

    The magic of Crossford blossoms under the imagination of young minds! Come to our special School Day festivals on May 29, 30, and June 6 for unique EDU-tainment. Or make a wish and let the magic of Crossford come to you!

    Education & Outreach Programs

    Raise A Toast To The Company In Our Wine Garden

    Daily wine tastings will be available in our Crossford Wine Garden, courtesy of

    Valenzano Family Winery Logo