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Brunhilda- This is no Damsel in Distress!

Brunhilda Comes To Crossford

This is no Damsel in Distress! When her father tried to force Brunhilda to marry the winner of a great tournament of arms, Brunhilda defied her father by entering the tournament and defeating them all herself. Now Brunhilda has fled, brought by the magic of the faerie woods to Crossford itself. But will the Viking king allow his daughter to defy him, or will he also pursue her and force her to marry?

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What Is A Renaissance Faire?

A Renaissance Faire is a unique and magical phenomenon, one that one truly has to experience to understand. To the uninitiated, they can be both a truly wondrous and quite confusing experience! Why does everyone talk so funny? Who is bowing to whom? What's with those giant turkey legs?!

To help you understand what's going on, we have created a Renaissance Faire Newbie Guide! This short and informative guide will give you the run-down on what a Renaissance Faire is in layman's terms, as well as some of the terms and phrases you will hear at the Faire.

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Royal Sponsors Of This Faire Season

Many thanks to the sponsors that are helping make this 2016 Season possible!

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