Single and Multiple Class Workshops

We have several workshops to choose from, or we can tailor a program to meet your demands. Choose single-class, multiple-class, or full day programs and have your students take a leap back into history.

  • Shakespeare's Language De-Mystified

    Classes: English, Theatre
    Grades: 6 - 12

    Want to learn how to speak Ye Olde English? First, you need to understand that Shakespeare did not speak Old English. Students will learn the how’s and why’s of Shakespearean English - Including why it’s referred to as Shakespearean. Then we shalt have the belearnment of florification. A fun look at what 400 years can do to a language. Program Length: 45-60 min.

  • Stage Combat Demo

    Classes: History, Theatre
    Grades: 6 - 12

    Have students watch and learn about combat during the Renaissance, from duels to war. Dueling swords have gotten faster and lighter and the Dueling Code has been established (and subsequently banned my many monarchs.) In war, the heavily armored knights of the Medieval period are slowly being relegated to the jousting tournaments. The English longbow has become a feared weapon on the battlefield and black powder weapons are making their earliest appearances. Students will see different weapon styles in action and learn why each was used. Program Length: 45-60 min.

  • Stage Combat Workshop

    Classes: History, Theatre
    Grades: 9 - 12

    Learn how to effectively reproduce violence on stage in a safe environment. Students will learn techniques for stage including simple slaps and punches. Both teachers and students will be taught how to reproduce these techniques for shows in a safe manner. Safety first, Safety last, Safety always is the motto of the class. Program Length: 45-60 min.

  • Create Your Own Workshop

    Classes: History, Theatre, English
    Grades: Any

    Contact us to create an individualized program for your school or your classroom. Topics could include Renaissance Dance, Royalty, Manners of the English court, Heraldry, Alchemy, Renaissance Games, and much more!

Full Day Workshops

Why settle for a single class? Our teaching artists can come together to produce an entire day of EDU-Tainment for your school! Below are just two examples of the Full Day Workshops we offer - we are more than willing to customize a workshop for your specific needs.

  • Shakespeare's Plays

    Classes: English, Theatre
    Grades: 6 - 12*

    Students will spend a day in a crash course rehearsal process for a scene from Shakespeare (or Marlowe or Jonson) with the intent of a filmed or attended performance before the final school bell. Students will learn skills including the language of the Renaissance, stage combat, and basic acting. More importantly, students will experience firsthand the trials and tribulations of being in the Theatre.

    *Scene choice will reflect the grade level.

  • Renaissance Day At Your School

    Classes: History, Theatre, English
    Grades: K - 12

    We will work together with you to create a Renaissance Day at your school. This would include creating a full schedule of events which would encompass most educational disciplines… Alchemy anyone? From Heraldry to Shakespeare and far beyond, let us help you create a day to remember at your school.

Multiple-Day Residencies

Are you looking for a longer more in-depth experience? Is your school performing a play with violence - Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story, perhaps? We will create a residency for your needs from several days to multiple weeks in length. Full residencies include taking your class through a full Shakespeare unit; preparing your school play to have dramatic, yet absolutely safe, sword and fistfights; and much more.

Residencies are created and priced after a full discussion between school and the NJ Renaissance Faire to determine needs and expectations.

Need More Information?

Contact our Director of Education, Caroline Leipf, to learn more about any of our EDU-tainment programs!