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Visit the sites of these fine merchants...(click the name for link to website)

Visit the sites of these fine merchants...(click the name for link to website)

Historical Glass Works

Watch Master glass blower Jason Klein make glass artworks before your eyes in his fully functional glass blowing studio.  Jay made one of the main props for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The artwork of John Lee employs an Olde World style influenced by Medieval and Renaissance art. In his over thirty years of experience he has created a wide range of paintings and woodcarvings which reflect his love of myth, legend, lore and history.

Handcrafted soaps, bath items, jewelry and more.

Wooden training swords, krabi and bokken for training & wooden swords for the young ones.  As used by the Lords of Adventure in the “Dance of Bruising Death.”

Utopia Armory

Fine chain mail jewelry and accessories.  Saving the world,

one ring at a time.

Award winning winery of South Jersey will be offering wine tasting and take home sales.

Hammernought Armory

specializing in handmade chainmail creations. All our work is hand-made from hand-wound, hand-cut rings. We are proud to supply anything from bracelets and hackey sacks to full suits of mail. Custom orders are always welcome!

The Broom Closet

A wonderful selection of unique, hand-made, custom and hard to find goods. A specialty store bringing together wares from traditional pantheons and beliefs.  Blessed Be!

Faerie Tailor

All hand made great plain and painted capes, from doll to adult sizes, many hat styles and jackets, shirts, sashes, circlets, pouches. Good for pirate, Renaissance, steampunk, Celtic, and more. 

The Feel Good Shoppe

A place of green earth, aromatherapy, fragrance of oils and herbs, healing powers of crystals, and many precious things

Whipperwil Archery

Over twenty years of making fine bows from Osage, Mulberry, Ash, Yew and other wood.

Novus Antiquus

Wood, wood, and more wood.

Old world quality, made today.

Mugs, goblets, cups, bowls, vases, bottle stoppers, pipes, viking chairs & more.