New Jersey Renaissance Faire
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    The New Jersey Renaissance Faire was conceived in 2009 by T.J. Miller, John Williams and Phil Leipf.  Their mutual love of Renaissance faires as a way to touch and engage an audience brought them as if by the magic of Crossford woods to Liberty Lake and to Andy Pritikin.  The magic swept him in as well for he had only seen his first Renaissance faire that very year. 

    2011 saw the introduction of master glass blower Jason Klein to our family with a unique vision and experience from the merchant side of things.

    Many thanks to Andy Pritikin and the entire Liberty Lake staff for believing in the magic of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and for making this dream, a dream that belongs to the five of us now, and to our amazing cast, merchants and guests,  into a reality.

  ~T.J. Miller

Click the map for the history of our town of Crossford and our scenario story and history.

Call for info:  888-864-8222 or email

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Jason Klein, Historical Glassworks

Andy Pritikin

Executive Producer

Phil Leipf



T.J. Miller

Entertainment Director

John Williams

Producing Director

Jason Klein

Vendor Coordinator

Melissa Baker

Music Director

Karen Lewis

Head Costumer

Our Staff

NJ Renaissance Faire at Liberty Lake